AUTOSAR Safety Manual

The task was to create a Safety Manual template for a software supplier, and apply the template to an existing AUTOSAR product.

The Safety Manual template specified the information provided by a supplier of a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) in order to make it possible for the integrator of the SEooC to show ISO 26262 compliance.

To validate the template it was applied to an existing SEooC AUTOSAR product.

Integration of standard software modules (products) in a safety critical environment is not trivial. Good manuals and well defined processes are necessary to succeed.


ISO 26262 Implementation

We have implemented state of the art processes and methods for development of safety-related automotive electronics, and also developed the work products required by such processes.

Implementation of ISO 26262 leads to process and method development. By means of for example trainings, examples, and mentoring we have defined the working principles. In order to validate the process we participated in the actual analysis, design and verification work.

Efficient implementation of a functional safety standard requires very good understanding of both the standard and system development.


Functional Safety Assessment

We have, as one of the first companies in Sweden, evaluated functional safety at an automotive supplier of high integrity products according to ISO 26262.

The functional safety standard ISO 26262 is rather new and best practice for assessments is under development. We have used our combined competencies to do this in a way that contributes the most to the safety of the product and the organization being assessed.

Comentor‘s assessment gave us valuable feedback on our development process and a strong confidence in the delivery of a safe product - Joacim Bergman, QRTECH